Michael Cohen offers a glimpse into Trump's upcoming book

Michael Cohen released the preface to his next book on Thursday, harassing what he claims has exposed behind the scenes of his actions as President Donald Trump's aide - from fanatical contractors in a business deal to lying about extramarital affairs to the president's attempts "to sneak into the world of President Vladimir Putin."

"I know where the skeletons are buried because I was the one who buried them," Cohen wrote in the preface posted Thursday on the website of his book Traitor: A Memoir. The True Story of the Ex-Character. Attorney for President Donald J Trump. ''

"In some ways, I knew him better than his family did because I was witness to the real man, in strip clubs, suspicious business meetings, and in the unprotected moments when he revealed who he really was: a cheat, a liar, a fraudster, a bully, a racist, a predator, a fraud." Cohen wrote in a 3,700-word statement.

The White House responded to Cohen's forthcoming book, calling it "fan imagination."

"Michael Cohen's book is a fan story. He readily admits to lying routinely but expects people to believe him now so that he can make money selling books. Unfortunately the media is using this sad and desperate man to attack President Trump." House press secretary Brian Morgenstern said.

The White House did not address specific allegations Cohen made in the book's introduction.

The website and preface kicks off the propaganda campaign to expose Cohen's alleged decade-long serving as Trump's aide. Cohen said he plans to release the book in September, to be available before the presidential election.

Cohen did not disclose who is publishing the book. On his website, he sells signed copies for $ 40 and unsigned hardcopy covers for $ 32.50.

Cohen pleaded guilty in 2018 to multiple crimes, including lying to Congress. He was released last month in house arrest after he filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Justice, alleging that he was brought back into custody in retaliation for the book. A judge agreed and prosecutors dropped their request to restrict Cohen's communication with the media.

Now, Cohen is launching his campaign. It began on Thursday when Cohen tweeted "sooner" with a copy of the book cover that depicts a picture of him in a suit imposed on the bars of his prison cell.

In the introduction, Cohen wrote that he had received threats, contemplated suicide and suffered a panic attack on the day of his public testimony to Congress, in the first public broadcast of his years of work for Trump after his guilt.

Cohen wrote that he was a "crazy henchman" who was acting like a thug from Trump, his aide and his rhetoric.

"I've measured contractors on his behalf, created his business partners, lied to his wife Melania to hide his sexual infidelities, and intimidated and yelled at anyone threatening Trump's path to power," Cohen wrote.

Our cell phones had the same address books, our contacts were very intertwined, intertwined and intimate, and that part of my job was to handle endless inquiries and requests, no matter how big or small, from countless acquaintances of the rich and famous, "he wrote.

Cohen also addressed the investigation by former Special Adviser Robert Mueller into Russia's interference in the 2016 elections and his role in the Trump Tower project in Moscow.

When Cohen pleaded guilty, he admitted he lied when he told Congress that discussions about the project ended before the Trump campaign began in earnest - in fact, he said, they continued with the 2016 campaign - and about his contacts with members of the Trump family.

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