No, of course Joe Biden does not own

Supporters of President Donald Trump went online on Wednesday after discovering that the domain name was redirecting to the Joe Biden site.

Things really took off when far-right news network correspondent OANN asked Trump to redirect to Biden's page during a press conference.

Antifa, of course, stands for "anti-fascism" and is the name of a loosely organized, leaderless movement opposing the president. Presumably, for conservatives, will be the home page of the foundation, so linking to it somehow means you belong to the group.

Does this mean that the Democratic presidential candidate has a relationship with the organization? Did former Vice President Biden's campaign buy Did the Democratic Party set up this?

No, it doesn't mean any of that. Here's what we know so far about and its ownership.

First of all, how do you explain directing you to the Joe Biden campaign site? Easy. The owner of a domain name can forward their domain name to any webpage. The person running could just as easily have set a redirect to redirect visitors to the Donald Trump campaign site. It's an easy process that just requires you to type the URL you want your domain forward to in the registrar admin panel.

Could this mean that Joe Biden's campaign is running the domain? Maybe. But it could also mean that the Trump campaign or someone who supports it is doing the same just to generate a little controversy. It might also be just a troll business, a comic strip, or even someone looking to add value to the industry when they are looking to sell it. The point is, the redirect itself doesn't mean anything.

If you check whois, where general domain registrant information is usually posted, you will find a service located in the listed Panama country. Does this mean that there is some kind of foreign connection? Again, no. is currently registered with Namecheap, an American domain name registrar based in Phoenix, Arizona. The domain name registrant uses the WhoisGuard Privacy Protection service, a separate entity managed by Namecheap, to keep its personal data out of public view. WhoisGuard is a company registered in Panama, which is why these details are included. It has absolutely no contact with the domain owner. They have ticked the box to hide their personal information and this is what appears when using this particular service.

So, what do we know about

According to the Internet Archive, the last time it appeared to have been an active website before this year was in 2001. The domain owner at that time hadn't renewed it, so became available to anyone. Someone took it in April 2002 and has renewed it every year since then, without making it an active site.

Since 2002, has been offered for sale. The range's last listed price before it was put on the market was approximately $ 37,000. Then suddenly at the end of May of this year, shortly after the Black Lives Matters protests erupted in the wake of George Floyd's murder, a website appeared on the domain.

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