Pacita Abad, a painter for women around the world, celebrates Google Doodle

Today, Google Doodle 4D pays tribute to Pasita Abad, a prolific visual artist from Ibatan and a Filipino whose decades-long career includes everything from painting to mixed media groups. Before her death in 2004 at the age of 58, she traveled extensively and used her artwork to highlight pressing social issues. The most prominent example is the "Images from Cambodia" series, which highlighted the daily lives of citizens and drew attention to violence against women.

However, Abad also deserves a lot of praise for her innovations in technical technology. Abad invented a drawing technique called trapunto, inspired by the quilting method of the same name. It is used in drawing, as it includes stitching and stuffing fabric with different different materials for a three-dimensional effect. This practice flourished in Abad's multi-dimensional method to make her artwork more ornament: she added things like shells, buttons, beads, mirrors and traditional fabrics to her paintings at different times. Abad brought this 3D trap to many different subjects from her paintings. Using this innovative padding technique, Abad brought her abstract concepts, her paintings to immigrant experience, her oceanic paintings and dancing paintings for women fully in life.

In the Brooklyn Museum's feminist artist statement, Abad also spoke passionately about her motives as a creator. “As a politically interested artist, many of my drawings tell the stories of people, especially women, whom I met and talked to on my way. Abad wrote,“ As we can imagine, this was not always beautiful. ”Although I tried to raise awareness of this Issues with my drawings, but I know it is only a small effort to help tackle these problems and there is a lot to do. As women, we all have a duty to help improve the lives of other women, whether in our countries or around the world. "

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