Rapper FBG Duck Killed and Two Injured in Gold Coast Shooting: Police

Rapper FBG Duck was shot and wounded two others in an attack on Tuesday afternoon on Gold Coast Street known for its luxury and luxury shops.

Vice President Daniel O'Shea told a news conference at the scene that shoppers were standing on the sidewalk when two vehicles pulled out, with gunmen from each of them firing.

The shooting occurred around 4:37 pm. On the first street on East Oak Street, he said.

FBG Duck, whose name is Carlton Weekly, was beaten several times and taken to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead about half an hour later, according to a police source and Cook County Medical Examination Office. He was 26 years old.

FBG Duck rose to the national lead in 2018 from the power of one song, "Slide", which quickly grew into a major pillar of hip hop radio and achieved over 53.5 million views on YouTube alone. Appearing in the Chicago drilling scene in 2013 with his first hit bar, "Look At Me", FBG Duck will continue to release seven other projects alongside a swarm of singles.

Another man, 36, was taken to the same hospital in serious condition, with gunshot wounds to his back and side. The authorities did not reveal his name.

Police said a 26-year-old woman, sitting in a parked car, was shot in the hand. She was transferred to St. Joseph's Hospital, where her condition was stabilized.

O'Shea said the gunmen were last seen heading west on Oak Street in Black Taurus and Chrysler 300 in Silver.

We do not expect this type of activity in this neighborhood. ”“ This area is well controlled, and this is something that has been specifically targeted to these individuals ... Seeing this happening in the middle of the day is very disturbing. ”

He also encouraged anyone with information to contact the police.

"We will take every advice we can get," said O'Shea. "It could be the most accurate thing, but it helps our investigators bring together the pieces of this puzzle."

Several jewelry stores are located in the building where the shooting occurred.

Officers put at least 50 signs in the street and searched a dark car parked nearby. Dolce and Gabbana glass windows were shattered near where the police were investigating.

Howard Gordon, who owns Bravco Beauty with his wife on Oak Street, said he heard what looked like a "machine gun" and a speeding car. He said that a passer-by outside the store ran inside.

Gordon and his wife owned the store over 40 years ago, and he said he had never seen anything like Tuesday's incident.

"It feels like I'm in shock, and I still don't believe what I heard," Gordon later said.

Tony Moffitt, Tory Burch's security guard, said he saw someone shooting at him about five minutes before the shooting that hit the three people.

He said that two men were talking to each other on the sidewalk in front of the boutique Kos when one of them pulled out a pistol and fired shots.

Moovit said the shooter ran east while the other ran west.

After about five minutes, he said he heard six or eight more bullets farther west on the street, where policemen were later recorded as a crime scene.

"I love how this happened - out of nowhere," said Moovit.

Oshi said that the police are investigating the report of the shots fired before the shooting.

Moovit said that the first block of West Oak Street is usually a quiet place.

I walk up and down here. He said, "No such thing happens."

Activist Jamal Jamal Green, who said he knows people close to FBG Duck, has called on the city to help young people cope with the death of the rapper.

"He was very popular, and at the end of the day, there will be a lot of people angry about this," Green said. "Many young people will lose hope because it was an idol. The city will take a great effort to help young people cope with this loss."

Student-led and anti-violence GoodKids MadCity group echoed sentiments on Twitter.

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