Robert Trump, President Donald Trump's younger brother, has passed away at the age of 71

Robert Trump, President Donald Trump's younger brother, has passed away at the age of 71
Donald Trump announced, in a statement, that Robert Trump, 71, the younger brother of President Donald Trump, died on Saturday in a New York hospital.

“My wonderful brother, Robert, died peacefully tonight with a sad heart. He was not only my brother, he was my best friend. We will miss him a lot, but we will meet again.

Donald Trump is expected to attend his brother's funeral. However, details of the plans were not immediately available. In addition, an informed source said that the president personally dictated the White House statement to his brother.

"Uncle Robert, we love you. You are always in our hearts and our prayers," Ivanka Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday night.

The president called his brother's hospital room late on Saturday night as his death appeared to be close, two people familiar with the matter told CNN. It is not clear if they were connected or if Robert Trump's case would allow him to speak on the phone with the president.

Separately, several people who spoke to Trump on Saturday said he looked sad at the impending loss of his brother.

Donald Trump made a last-minute decision to go to New York on Friday to visit his brother as he flew to New Jersey for the weekend.

Robert Trump was admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.

Details of Robert Trump's illness were not disclosed. A person familiar with the matter told CNN that he had been sick for several months.

During a White House briefing on Friday, Trump refused to provide reporters with details about his brother's illness.

"I have a wonderful brother. We have had a wonderful relationship for a long time, since day one, a long time ago. He is in hospital now," Trump said on Friday when asked about his brother.

I hope he's fine, but he's - he's beautiful - he's having a hard time. "

Later on Friday, while on his way to see his brother Trump, he told reporters, "He's going through a hard time."

Trump the Younger was previously hospitalized in June with a serious condition not disclosed by CNN.

Robert Trump served as executive vice president of The Trump Organization. Part of his duties including overseeing the organization's casinos in Atlantic City.

Robert Trump was born in 1948 and was one of four siblings of the president, including the late Fred Trump Jr. He married Anne-Marie Balan earlier this year and was previously married to Blaine (Bird) Trump.

Before his death, Robert Trump resided in Millbrook, New York, in the Hudson Valley.

Robert Trump said in 2016 that he supports his brother's running in the presidential election, and according to Town & Country, he has hosted events and fundraisers in Millbrook for his brother and other Republicans.
In June, Robert Trump filed a temporary restraining order in an effort to prevent publication of a cruel book by Mary Trump, daughter of Fred Trump Jr.

In a statement to the New York Times, Robert Trump said at the time that he was "extremely disappointed" by Mary Trump's decision to publish the book, which included details about the president's family, childhood and upbringing.

Mary Trump said in an interview with Greenpeace earlier this week that Robert Trump had been ill and hospitalized "twice in the past three months."

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