Shed praised Autotune's use in Batty Live: I didn't want to play but was out of tune

Honesty should always be rewarded and so respected Shed, who inspired his choice to use Autotune during his performance on the occasion of the second evening of Batty Live aired on Italia 1 on 3 August. The decision, which was apparently made by some critics, appeared accurately on Twitter, in recent years to the point of pushing the artist to justify himself for using the vocal feature pervading the world of music, The trap genre was also facilitated by the ever-increasing success that it seems unable to do without Autotune. "I used Autotune, because I wanted to feel like a trapper," explains the irony on Twitter before accepting with great honesty:

What is autotune
Born 20 years ago thanks to Antares Audio Technologies, Auto-Tune is a software designed to correct a vocalist's voice and fix some gibberish on the voice, but over time its use has increased and Autotune Hai In all cases it has become a musical instrument, as well as a sound element that reflects a particular musical style.

Singer from second episode of Batty Live
Shade was not the only artist to perform during the second episode of Battle Live, as was always done by Alan Palmieri, Elisabetta Gregorossi and Marisol Polio. There are many singers who took to the stage during the evening of Monday 3 August. From Fadez to Cara, The Colors, Baby Kay, Anlisa, Fred De Palma, Neck, Boomdabush, Alessandra Amoroso, Piero Pele, Anna, Rocco Hunt, Bugo, Ermel Beda, Sheed, Francesco Renga, Mr. Rain.

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