Shooting outside the White House interrupts Trump's meeting

Monday's shooting outside the White House briefly shattered President Trump's daily press conference, prompting the Secret Service to summon the president away from the briefing room podium.

Later, the Secret Service said that a Secret Service officer shot a 51-year-old man who he said was carrying a pistol and pointed something at the officer, crouching in a "shooter position." The officer fired his weapon and hit the man in his torso.

The suspect and the officer were taken to hospitals, but the Secret Service statement did not specify the reason for the transfer.

The accident occurred on 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, near the White House complex.

The statement said the Office of the Secret Service of Professional Responsibility would review the officer's actions, and the Washington DC Police Department was contacted to investigate.

Just a few minutes after Trump's press conference in the late afternoon, a Secret Service agent told the president that he needed to leave the room, and the media conference room doors with members of the media were closed.

Minutes later, Trump returned to the stage to inform reporters that the Secret Service had shot someone outside the White House, and that the person was being hospitalized in an unknown condition.

The Secret Service later confirmed the shooting and said an adult man and one of its officers had been taken to hospital.

It seems to be well under control. I would like to thank the Secret Service for their prompt and efficient work always. "

Trump said he understood that the person was armed, but it was still unclear what triggered the shooting or if he was in any way related to the president. He said the Secret Service plans to hold a briefing on the matter.

When asked if the shooting had "bothered him," Trump replied casually: "I don't know. Do I look upset?"

"The world has always been a dangerous place. It's not something unique. Looking back through the centuries, the world was a dangerous place, a very dangerous place, and it will, I think, last for a while."

The spokesman for the Fire and Emergency Medical Services in the capital, Doug Buchanan, confirmed that the Secret Service called for help for a "patient who was shot" at about 5:55 pm.

Buchanan said the adult man was treated at the scene for severe and life-threatening injuries, and taken to a nearby hospital.

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