The pressure is intensifying among the vice presidential candidates because Biden's research is drawing to a close

Joseph R. entered Biden Jr. is the last stage of his deliberations on choosing his election colleague as he prepares to speak with one of the final candidates next week, while Democratic leaders press him angrily to lift their allies and dump their enemies.

Mr. Biden's campaign conducted large-scale surveys and focus groups with voters on a group of candidates and weighed a range of factors, such as the impact of selection in battlefield states, and whether to choose a black woman. Aides say the announcement will come a week before the Democratic Conference in August.

According to Democratic officials briefed on the selection process, the candidates who received little attention early in the process are now among the main contenders: Representative Karen Pass of California and Susan E. Rice, the former National Security Adviser. In particular, Mrs. Pace moved towards the top of Mr. Biden's list amid an intense lobbying campaign by her Democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives, and admired the research committee of the former Vice President.

Mr. Biden is said to focus on finding a presidential companion that he considers able to reinforce his governance priorities and who can be counted on not to move away from the pressing challenges the nation faces to pursue its own political priorities, according to people familiar with his thinking. His advisers also prefer his fellow candidate who will not present a wealthy political goal for President Trump, given that the incumbent is lagging far behind in the polls and has so far struggled to offer reliable negative attacks against Mr. Biden.

James E. said. Claiborne, the third Democrat in the House of Representatives who helped revive the Biden campaign in South Carolina, has been bombed by supporters of many candidates.

"I have heard of the alternatives of all persons in the race," said Mr Clyburn, who did not rule out making a late special recommendation to Mr. Biden.

In conversations with Mr. Biden and his audit committee, lawmakers have recommended Mrs. Bass as a likable consensus candidate across partisan and factional lines and will be a loyal lieutenant in the government.

Mrs. Pace reinforced this message by asserting to Democratic officials that she had no interest in seeking the presidency herself, said legislators familiar with the discussions directly. This commitment could allay fears in Biden's camp that he may be overwhelmed by his fellow candidate running for his succession.

Mrs. Pace also launched a previously undisclosed campaign to attract influential liberal leaders, and contact union leaders to seek advice and support.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is close to Mrs. Pace, who I mentioned to oversee the last conditional reform bill, and made clear her admiration for private conversations, including with former President Barack Obama. Mrs. Pelosi's aides said she had not reported support for any candidate, and she fell in love with several of them, and in her conversation with Biden's examination team to Mr. last month, she urged them to find someone who could ensure the ticket was won.

Two notable Democrats, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California, along with a handful of other women, are still likely. Both legislators have statewide political experience and substantial national follow-up that Mrs. Bass and Mrs. Rice lack. Mrs. Warren has become an informal adviser to Mr. Biden on economic issues and has secured support from her party's progressive wing, and Ms. Harris is a strong fundraiser with the support of key people in the Democratic Party's classroom.

While Mr. Biden's advisers are keen to stress that he has not ruled out any of the major candidates, some are clearly less likely than others to choose. For some of the distant candidates, the conversation has already shifted to other potential roles in the Biden administration: for example, Governor Michael Logan Grisham of New Mexico has expressed interest in the job of Minister of Health and Human Services, according to officials. Knowledgeable about her thinking.

Among the other candidates considered closely by Mr. Biden, Michigan State Governor Gretchen Whitman. Actress Val Demings from Florida, who recruited a large congressional delegation in her state to file appeals on her behalf; Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, who is supported by veterans.

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