Tick ​​Talk back in India, know why Microsoft withdrew the deal

Technology giant Microsoft has halted talks with its manufacturer BiteDance to buy TikTok, as US President Donald Trump warned of discontinuing the social networking app TickTalk. This has again eclipsed Tiktok's return to India.

Trump told reporters on Friday that he was planning to discontinue Tick-Talk, a potential rival for YouTube and Facebook, a social networking app operating in the US. He also said in the meantime that the government is considering other options other than shutting down Ticketcoke.

The Wall Street Journal on Saturday quoted information sources in the case as saying that future action on BiteDance and Microsoft Ticketcock was waiting for the situation to be clarified. According to the Journal, following this statement by the US President, Ticktalk has also spoken of creating ten thousand jobs in America during the next three years.

Prior to Trump's statement, negotiations between Microsoft and ByteDance for the purchase of the ticketlock were in the final stages and the deal was expected to be in place by Monday. Earlier in July, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said that the government was considering banning TickTock in the wake of privacy breaches, though TickTock says it had secure consumer data and is not shared with Chinese authorities.

Meanwhile, China, through government machinery, has asked the US to stop creating pressure on Chinese companies. US Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin said earlier this week that the administration was reviewing Ticketcock's national security, after which the department would advise President Trump to take action on Ticktock as needed.

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