UFC 252 results, highlights: Stipe Miocic retains the heavyweight title with decisive win over Daniel Cormier

UFC 252 results, highlights: Stipe Miocic retains the heavyweight title with decisive win over Daniel Cormier
The third battle in classic combat trios does not always live up to the lofty expectations set by the previous two meetings. In the case of UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic's match with Daniel Cormier at UFC 252, however, the third meeting surpassed anything that happened in the first two matches as Miocic managed to overtake Cormier over the course of five rounds for a unanimous victory in an exciting battle.

Cormier's big right hand who had won the championship by knockout landed her first fight at UFC 226 on a regular basis throughout the fight, but Miocic was able to absorb the blows and continue shooting alone as early rounds were often spent between the two. The right hand was opened early by the threat of Cormer wrestling, with one actual clearance recorded in the first round, and a fool after Musick's hands dropped and left open for wing-to-jaw shots.

At the end of the second round, Miocic exploded with large blows dropping Cormier against the cage, leaving him seconds away from pauses before the horn pulsed to save him from TKO and let him recover in his corner. Things got worse for Cormer in the third round as he spent the first half of the tour recovering from a jolt before suffering a hard poke in the tire that left his eye swollen and his vision was compromised for the rest of the fight. Cormer was able to fight in tough spots, avoiding being outed as he was in the UFC 241 rematch where he dropped the heavyweight title back to Miocic and fired again during the fourth round even after telling his corner he wasn't able to see what's outside of his left eye.

Miocic implemented a powerful game plan throughout the battle, alternating landing blows and pushing Cormier into the cage while controlling the pace of the fight. The decision to work in the Decisive game was a new wrinkle in fighting after Cormer wrestling was a major factor in allowing him to build a lead in their second fight before Cormer scored a late knockout.

Ultimately, the octagon control introduced by the snatch game was the deciding factor in the fight as Miocic was declared the winner of the Three Judges' Scorecards, winning a score of 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47.

After the loss, Cormer stated that he intends to hang his gloves forever.

"I'm not interested in fighting for anything but titles," Cormer said. "I don't imagine there will be a title. This will be for me."

For Miocic, he said his immediate plans are to simply go home to his family and enjoy the rest of the summer before actually knowing what's next in his career.

“I don't really care, I'm going home, I have the belt. For some reason, I knew it was going to kick me, I don’t know why in the back of my head, the whole camp Myosic said after the fight, I knew he was going to kick my leg.” I checked two of them, so I know they are They certainly didn't feel good about it. He's very good at responding, for some reason I couldn't get rid of what I wanted, I did twice, almost grabbed him in a second, but he's an amazing fighter, which is why he does what he does, which is why he won so many titles and won so many good players.

"He was so close, he fell, which is why he's a great fighter, he knew he was in trouble and doing the right thing. It's my 19th birthday, Modelos for days."

Miocic is now 8-1 since 2015, with six wins in the championship rounds. Five of those victories have overtaken current or former heavyweight champions.

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