Why was there a dispute about the world's first corona vaccine?

Russia has gone ahead in the competition to prepare the Corona vaccine. It has announced that by 10 August, it will register the vaccine and begin mass production by October. The vaccination program will also continue. However, many people do not know much about this Russian vaccine secretly made. What it is, who made it and whether it has gone through human trials - everyone knows about it.

The vaccine is made at Moscow's Gamalya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Although Russia has secretly prepared the vaccine. On the one hand, other countries were giving information about experiments and all kinds of development in relation to vaccine here. There was a long silence in Russia. Meanwhile, the first phase of human trials on the vaccine began in June.

According to Sputnik's report, two different vaccines were initially used in Moscow's lab, one in liquid and one in powder form. The initial trial consisted of two groups, each consisting of 38 participants. Some of these were vaccinated, while some were kept under the placebo effect. That is, by giving them something simple, it was expressed as if the medicine was being given.

The participants were under observation in two different hospitals in Moscow itself. Most of the people involved in the trials of other countries were being monitored from home, while Russia was isolated in this case. He examined every participant in isolation. It was conducted by the Medical University of Russia, Sechenoff, and reportedly considered the vaccine safe for humans. In two trials, the vaccine was tried, and in July itself, participants were discharged from the hospital.

Now Russia is going to register it for their country. With approval, he is going to prepare a dose for Russian people within a week. At the same time, Russia will talk about approval from other countries in September. After getting consent from other countries, the medicine will be produced for that too. It is believed that Russia's 4 to 50 million population will have to be vaccinated for herd immunity. It will be about 60 percent of the population of Russia. Since it is not possible to make such a vaccine simultaneously, Russia will give the vaccine on a priority basis.

However, many controversies are also arising regarding the Russian vaccine. As of last month, Britain, the United States and Canada issued a joint statement that Russia had tried to steal the vaccine formula. It was alleged that Russia's method of making the vaccine was similar to Britain's method of Oxford. However, this allegation could not be proved. Another controversy is that Russia has made the vaccine without completing the test. In this regard, Russia says that its two tests were completely successful, so it is registering the vaccine. With this, the third trial will also continue.

Meanwhile, the US, which is badly troubled by Corona, has refused to take the vaccine of Russia. American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fossey has made this statement. They say that they will not take the Corona vaccine from both Russia and China, as both countries take great opacity about it.

Fosse said in his statement that I hope both countries are thoroughly investigating the vaccine before giving it to anyone. Refusing to vaccinate the two under any circumstances, Fawsey hoped that the US would also be able to get the Corona vaccine by the end of the year.

By the way, even in India, a pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech has claimed that the vaccine will come by 15 August. The ICMR also stood by its claim. There was a lot of uproar over how a vaccine could be brought in a hurry. In this regard, the World Health Organization also clarified that there is a need to make the vaccine safe and effective and that testing of any such potential vaccine would take six to nine months to complete.

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