Body camera video shows an officer involved in shooting a 13-year-old with Asperger after mom asks for help

Body camera video shows an officer involved in shooting a 13-year-old with Asperger after mom asks for help
Salt Lake City Police Department released body camera images of an officer involved in a shooting that left a 13-year-old boy with Asperger's disease multiple injuries.

The teen, identified by his mother, Golda Barton, as Linden Cameron, remains in the hospital after the shooting nearly two weeks ago.

An independent police investigation is underway, and Salt Lake City police said they are expecting additional investigations from the Attorney General's office and a civil review board.

What does the video show

Barton told CNN that her son suffers from Asperger's syndrome and is unable to control himself. She called the police on the day of the shooting to ask for help for her son, who was suffering from a "mental breakdown".

Bodycam video released on Monday shows Barton asking police to subdue her son Cameron and take him to hospital due to violent threats and uncontrollable behavior.

The mother tells the officers that her son has law enforcement triggers and that he has access to a BB pistol or prop weapon, but she doesn't think he owns a real pistol.

The officers respond that they must handle the situation as if he had a weapon.

During one of the recording, an officer can be heard expressing his fear of trying to arrest the boy.

And the officer heard saying: "If there is no one in the house, then no one is in danger ... but he does not harm himself, I am sorry, I am not about to get into shooting."

The videos show the officers approaching the house and then starting to chase the boy, and on one occasion breaking the wooden fence. Cameron is seen walking slowly while ignoring the requests to come down to the ground.

An officer opens fire and eleven shots can be heard in the recordings. Cameron rolls on the floor, saying "I'm not feeling well," then "Tell mom I love her."

Barton told CNN earlier this month that the boy's injuries include damage to his shoulder, ankles, intestines, bladder and colon.

City officials describe the shooting as tragic

The Salt Lake City Police Department declined to comment on Barton's claim that Cameron was defenseless. There is no visible weapon in the body camera shots, although the video is poorly lit and Cameron is darkly dressed.

"I feel very sad about this tragic situation," Mike Brown said during a news conference on Monday. Brown said, "As a father of three young children, this has had a huge impact on me personally. He did not provide any details about the investigation."

Mayor Irene Mendenhall echoed the president's sentiments, saying: "As a member of this community, and as the mother of a 14-year-old, I feel deeply saddened and frustrated."

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