China is attacking American bullying due to bans on Tiktok and WeChat

China accused the US of "bullying" and suggested that it might take unspecified countermeasures after Washington blocked downloads of popular video app TikTok and effectively banned the use of the super-Chinese app WeChat.

A statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on Saturday that "China urges the United States to abandon bullying, desist from its wrongful actions, and seriously maintain fair and transparent international rules and regulations."

“If the United States insists on going its own path, China will take necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.

The United States took steps against the two Chinese apps on Friday, citing national security grounds and escalating the fight with Beijing over digital technology.

Under the order, Tencent-owned WeChat will lose its functionality in the US from Sunday. TikTok users will be banned from installing updates but can continue to access the service until November 12th.

US officials described Friday's measures as essential to national security as President Donald Trump faces Beijing during his tough reelection campaign.

TikTok users in the United States have responded with a collective ignorance of the ban, but many are already planning to go out to other platforms if the crackdown results in an outright ban.

“Oh my God! Well! It's happening! Everyone, stay calm!” TikToker Nick Foster told his 577,000 followers, dubbing a video of him in the voice of Steve Carell's character in The Office series as he panics during a fire alarm.

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