Mariah Carey says her mom's jealousy lived with me for the rest of my life.

Mariah Carey says her mom's jealousy lived with me for the rest of my life.

Carrie's mother, Patricia, was a Juilliard trained opera singer.

My mother is a very talented singer ... I have always credited her with introducing me to music, with [not] really saying ... "If I make it," [but] I say "when I do it," "the singer reflects," We belong together. " It is a very complicated relationship. "

Carey further claimed that Patricia once told her that Carey “should only hope” to be “half the singer that she was,” said Gail King of CBS.

"It definitely had an effect on me," Curry admits. "I don't even know she will remember it. That one phrase has stayed with me all my life. You have to be very careful what you say."

Fox News' attempts to reach Patricia were unsuccessful.

The singer said comments like these influenced the way Carrie treated her children.

“… With my kids, I really try to acknowledge their talent and confess when they paint me a picture or sing or dance or whatever they do, I want them to know it's all about them and their happiness,” she explained. “For me, it is very important that children always feel safe, feel visible and heard, and know they are loved unconditionally and no matter what, I will be there for them.”

Carrie is the mother of a nine-year-old Moroccan twin and Monroe shares it with her ex-husband Nick Cannon.

She explained, "This is very important to me because growing up and being alone at home or alone in these dangerous situations was painful."

Carey said writing the book is about "liberating her inner child, the little girl you never really felt to see or hear."

She added that she grew up "struggling with race and identity" and left her "scared."

"There was a lot of turmoil in my house - if there was a family - and I found it difficult to be from a dysfunctional family," she explained.

In the interview, the music icon also recounted that she was in the house of a so-called friend, when she was "caught up" before her friends "started using the N word over and over."

Carey has also touched upon her marriage to Music Executive Director Tommy Mutola.

She said, "At first, I felt protected by him, I definitely felt we had a bond in the music for sure. I felt he believed in me." "It was huge. I didn't feel that support as a person, though. I didn't like it getting the fact that I'm also a human being with my feelings, thoughts, and needs."

Curry went on, describing the relationship as "skewed" with unbalanced "power dynamics".

She said, "It's ironic, that my voice was being heard by millions of people on a poster that controlled it, but my true voice - as a woman and as a human - was really silent and not encouraged." "If I didn't get out of it, I don't know what I'd be."

The two were married from 1993-1998.

The musician made it clear that she believed in whether or not she was involved with Mottola, she would still be a star because she "always believed" her music would become popular and that she would "conquer" her past.

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