Oregon is bracing for a mass killing as wildfires rage in the western states

Oregon is bracing for a mass killing as wildfires rage in the western states
At least 19 people have died this week in Oregon, Washington and California as wildfires continue to rage in the western states. Dozens are still missing in Oregon, as officials prepare for a "mass murder."

"We know we're dealing with fire-related deaths, and we're preparing for a mass death incident based on what we know and the number of structures lost," said Andrew Phelps, director of the state's office of emergency management. "The long-term recovery will continue for the past years."

More than half a million people - 12% of the state's population - have fled their homes in Oregon, and mass evacuations are taking place across the region. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the fires have burned more than a million acres.

"I know the past few days have been tough, and many Oregonians are suffering now, whether they're displaced themselves or anxious about their families and communities while watching our beautiful state burn," Brown said in a briefing on Friday. These fires. "

Wildfires move so fast that they overwhelm the fire brigade. The fires also suffocated the smoke from Los Angeles to Seattle. Portland and San Francisco now have the worst air quality in the world and officials are urging people to stay home.

In Berry Creek, California, what was once a lakeside community filled with homes has been burned. One fire killed at least 10 people, including 16-year-old Josiah Williams, who was found last night near his home. California's death toll was originally 12 but has since been revised down to 11.

In Washington, Jamie and Jake Hyland lost their one-year-old son, Uriel, and their unborn child while trying to escape from the flames. The couple also suffered severe burns.

In my worst dreams, I couldn't imagine what my sister and husband had to go through and do everything they could to fight for their lives and protect their child, ”Jimmy Hyland's sister, Donary Baxter, told CBS News.“ And until he and her baby lost, There are no words and absolutely nothing will be corrected. "

There is some hopeful news: Calm winds are expected this weekend, and the Pacific Northwest could see some much-needed rain next week.

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