Tori Linz has reportedly asked Megan The Stallion to dance before filming

Tori Linz has reportedly asked Megan The Stallion to dance before filming
Spectacular new details continue to emerge in the Megan Thee Stallion / Tory Lanez release story.

To wit, Complex has new reports from a source "close to the situation," claiming that "before firing four shots at Megan Thai Stallion's feet, Torey Linz allegedly told her, 'Dance, bitch."

Meanwhile, an insider on Page Six said that the source's claims in the complex story were "true."

The outlet's source also alleges that Linz, 28, offered Megan, 25, and her friend Kelsey Nicole "silence" in the aftermath of the accident.

The source said: "While undergoing surgery, this crazy man sends her text messages." "He's basically trying to say he's going to pay. Her friend [also] gets calls to receive money. He was trying to keep her calm."

A comment was obtained from Page Six, Representative Linz of Us that the allegations are "completely false, fabricated and crazy. [Linz] categorically denies the accusations."

It's been 24 hours since this mid-July story. On Thursday, Linz sparked an advertisement for the shooting after two months of silence, even though it turned out to be just a photo for the cover of his new album.

On the album, "Daystar" - which a rep told us was released "on the day of his mother’s death, Luala Peterson - which was also her birthday" - Linz denies shooting Megan, and asks on the song "Money Over Fallouts," "how is the release Fire at your foot, don't it hit the bone or the tendons? ''

Linz also used the album to discuss Kylie Jenner's involvement in the evening - which means Megan was jealous of flirting with Jenner at a party that night - and offered a lukewarm and vague apology for another behavior on his part towards the line. "There are traumas in the past that make me speak out loud and care about you / Sorry for the times my position mixed with the situation, too."

On Friday, Meghan's team accused Linz camp of launching a "smear campaign" against the "WAP" rapper.

"We learned about the text messages that had been tampered with and invented email accounts that were posted on the media in a calculated attempt to spread a false narrative about the events that occurred on July 12," Alex Spiro, Megan's attorney, told Page Six. on Friday.

“The smear campaign cannot change the truth.

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