Xbox Series S leaks at $ 299

Xbox Series S leaks at $ 299
This might be our first look at the Xbox Series S, Microsoft's abbreviated next-generation console codenamed Lockhart. A photo posted by Thurrott allegedly shows the console design and reveals a price tag of $ 299. It's not immediately clear where the image came from, but leaked WalkingCat followed up with a short video showing the same design in relation to the X-series. Analyst Daniel Ahmed also confirmed the photo, although he was unable to confirm the price.

If it is legitimate, the leaks show a white console that looks a bit like the Xbox One S, as the Series X does with the One X. Shot in portrait orientation, although the rotation of the Xbox logo indicates that it may not be the base configuration.

WalkingCat video shows that the S-Series is much thinner than the X-Series, which makes it easy to place under many televisions. The system does not appear to have a drive, as The Verge previously reported. There's a circular air vent upwards, like the One S, but here in black to stand out even more.

Windows Central reports that the Series S will already carry a retail price of $ 299, but it will also be available as part of the Xbox All Access's $ 25 per month plan which will include Xbox Live and Game Pass. Meanwhile, the X-Series is said to be at $ 499 retail or $ 35 a month. Both devices are said to be launched on November 10

Microsoft's two-controller strategy has always felt inevitable, between Xbox chief Phil Spencer's comments on "the next Xbox consoles" and the implications of the Series X name for another series. The name of the S-series has already appeared in a leaked console packaging.

The Verge stated that the S Series will target around 4 teraflops of GPU performance, compared to 12 in the X series and 6 in the One X. Despite this comparison, though, this device should be much more capable than the One X. The S Series will benefit from the greatly increased CPU power and SSD performance in the X Series, which means it will run true next-gen games, but the lower GPU power means it likely won't produce modern titles in 4K. While the Xbox One X can play some Xbox One games in 4K, it won't be able to run next-generation versions of games at all.

If the price is $ 299 accurate, that could make the S-Series an attractive and affordable way to join the next generation for anyone who doesn't consider 4K a must. That makes sense for Microsoft, whose focus is on pushing Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to as large an audience as possible - which also explains the lack of a drive.

The question is how much performance you'll get with the S-Series, and how much wallet you'll get with the X-Series. With the latest console set for release in November, we hope we don't have long before we know the answer.

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