5 takeaways from Biden and Trump City halls

5 takeaways from Biden and Trump City halls
On ABC, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been explaining his plan to raise taxes on people who earn more than $ 400,000 annually. On NBC, President Donald Trump has been bluffing about the existence of a pedophile satanic sect.

The problem with their town halls, which was very different in tone and content: Americans could only pick one to watch.

With the second presidential debate canceled following Trump's diagnosis of coronavirus, the two candidates have instead approved nationally televised town halls, with Biden taking questions from voters in Philadelphia and Trump doing so in Miami. The two are to discuss again.

Here are five quick treats from the fencing town halls:

Trump's alternative reality

No hour of alternate reality in which Trump is in has been better illustrated than Thursday's 60-minute City Hall.

Trump has claimed that the science is still out of wearing masks, despite the general opinion of health experts - including within his administration - that it could mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

He refused to say whether or not he believed the Democrats were running a satanic children's gang, shrugged his shoulders when pressed and just said, "I have no idea."

He claimed without any evidence that ballot papers bearing his name had been found in garbage bins.

He did not confirm that he retweeted a conspiratorial tweet claiming that Osama bin Laden is still alive is wrong, saying: "People can decide for themselves."

"I don't understand that," said moderator Savannah Guthrie after this latest dodge. "You are the boss, not the uncle of a crazy person."

Within Trump's usual places of conservative television and Twitter, the inverted world in which there is sometimes is losing its influence. But to ordinary voters, his answers seemed entirely detached from any plausible version of reality. Voters choosing between Trump and Biden find themselves less of a choice between two completely opposite planets.

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