7 al-Qaeda terrorists killed in Syria in US airstrikes

7 al-Qaeda terrorists killed in Syria in US airstrikes
The US says it killed seven al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria last week. These terrorists were planning a terrorist attack in a secret hideout near Idlib. The Central Command informed us on Monday.

Central Command spokesman Major Beth Riordan said a protest was organized on October 22 by militant organizations and their supporters against the airstrikes. He said that at present seven terrorists could not be identified. He further stated that the deaths of these AQ-S terrorists would greatly affect the ability of terrorist organizations to threaten US citizens, our allies and innocent civilians, and to carry out global attacks.

He said that taking advantage of instability in northwestern Syria, safe havens are established and maintained to coordinate terrorist activities. We will continue to target al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with our allies.

Significantly, the US military announced on Thursday that it carried out an airstrike against the leaders of the al Qaeda organization, Northwest Syria, killing 14 militants, including 6 leaders. The US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement that "US forces launched a strike in Syria, in which a group of senior al-Qaeda officials were targeted for a meeting near Idlib."

He said the elimination of these al-Qaeda leaders in Syria would reduce the organization's ability to plan and carry out attacks that could threaten American citizens, their allies and innocent civilians, while the statement killed the rally The number of was not specified.

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