9 people of the same family died after drinking noodle soup kept in China for a year

9 people of the same family died after drinking noodle soup kept in China for a year
Nine people from the same family have died from drinking homemade noodle soup in China. This is the case of Hijiang Province in the northeast region of China. According to media reports, the family members kept the noodle soup in the freezer for a year. The noodle soup was prepared from the corn floor, which was drunk at breakfast on 5 October.

Within a few hours of drinking it, the condition of 9 people worsened. He was rushed to the hospital in a hurry. According to Chinese media, by October 10, 7 people had died. The eighth death occurred two days later. The 9th member of the house died on 19 October. The last death was of a woman named Lee.

The noodle soup was spoiled when kept in the freezer for a year. The day the accident occurred, 12 family members were present for breakfast. 3 of them refused to drink soup because they did not like the test, so they survived.

The Chinese Health Commission issued a warning on Monday and advised not to take the fermented floor (corn floor) in the food. Chinese officials say the entire case has been investigated. Investigation has revealed that household members drinking noodle soup had higher amounts of bongreic acid, which led to food poisoning.

Bongeric acid has created food poisoning. It is found in fermented flour and rice related food. Professor Fen Zhihang of China Agricultural University says that it is highly toxic. Bongkreic acid is present in any food, even if it is not hot, its effect is not eliminated.

Death rates range from 40 to 100%, with Professor Fenn saying that eating food with bongeric acid can cause food poisoning in both humans and animals, and even death. Death rates in food poisoning range from 40 to 100%.

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