More than 50 Turkish backed fighters killed in Russian airstrikes

More than 50 Turkish-backed fighters killed in Russian airstrikes
According to reports, more than 50 Turkish-backed fighters have been killed in Russian airstrikes in northern Syria's Idlib province.

Many fighters have been injured in these attacks. Violence in the area has increased since the airstrikes.

The training base of an organization called Phelak-al-Sham has become the target of attack.

Since this attack, a cease-fire in Idlib, mediated by Russia and Turkey, is under threat.

Russia and Turkey are supporting opposing sides in the ongoing civil war in Syria.

According to the UK-based organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the death toll could be up to 78.

According to the organization, the condition of many of the injured is critical and the death toll may increase further.

The organization says this is the biggest attack since the ceasefire was implemented in March. The attack took place in the harem area northwest of Idlib city.

Syrian army attacks in the area were halted after the ceasefire. More than a million people have left their homes from here. After the ceasefire, migration here was also halted.

At the time of the ceasefire, Turkey said that Turkey would have the right to respond with full force, if a force supported by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Civil war has been going on in Syria for nine years. Idlib is the last province occupied by opponents and jihadists. The forces supporting President Bashar al-Assad have removed the rebels from the rest of the country.

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