Biden chose ABC's solo town hall after Trump sparked a hypothetical controversy in Miami

Biden chose ABC's solo town hall after Trump sparked a hypothetical controversy in Miami
Democratic candidate Joe Biden will now participate in ABC's town hall with voters in Philadelphia after President Trump announced on Thursday that he is boycotting the second presidential debate in Miami due to a sudden change of shape.

In a statement, the network announced it would host the main city hall with the former vice president being run by broadcaster George Stephanopoulos - just hours after the Supreme Commander announced he would not participate in the showdown on October 15 after organizers announced it hypothetically.

"No, I'm not going to waste my time in virtual debate," said Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business anchor.

It is unclear now whether the second presidential debate will ever continue.

Debating Committee Co-Chair Frank Vahrenkoff Jr. told the Wall Street Journal that staff will continue to travel to Miami Thursday evening to begin preparing for the match should the go ahead.

"We will not stop this until we officially receive word from both campaigns that they will not do so," Fahrenkov said, according to a tweet by reporter Ken Thomas.

But the former lawmaker will be in Pennsylvania - not near Florida - while the president refuses to agree to the new terms of the meeting.

In an interview with Bartiromo Thursday morning, the supreme leader accused the bipartisan Presidential Debating Committee of changing shape to help Biden, not because of safety precautions.

The president returned to the White House after testing positive for COVID-19 and spent three nights at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before being released on Monday.

Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stephen said the campaign would organize a rally instead, describing the discussion as "a sad excuse to save Joe Biden."

Several hours later, he said Trump's re-election campaign was ready for another contest, if it were to take place a week later. The Biden campaign rejected Stephen's proposal.

Donald Trump is not setting the schedule for the debates. Kate Bidingfield, a Biden campaign spokeswoman, said in a statement.

We have accepted all three appointments - September 29, October 15 and October 22 - in June. Today Trump chose to withdraw from the October 15 debate.

She said, "Trump's erratic behavior does not allow him to rewrite the calendar and choose new dates of his own choosing."

In Arizona, Biden held things up when he suggested that he would still attend in Miami, with or without his opponent.

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