Can Russia make a military deal with China? President Putin indicated

Can Russia make a military deal with China? President Putin indicated
Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a statement that will be seen with attentive eyes not only in Asia but around the world. Putin said that he is ready to consider a military treaty between Russia and China. These treaties may be similar to some North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO is a military treaty between Western countries, with the provision that in the event of an attack on a country, the remaining members of the treaty consider it an attack on themselves.

Addressing members of the Moscow-based think tank 'Valdai Decision Club' through video conferencing, Putin said on Thursday that the proposal for such a treaty is currently under consideration, but the possibility cannot be ruled out. In this regard, he stated that Russia and China regularly conduct joint military exercises. They not only buy and sell weapons among themselves, but also exchange sensitive technology. Putin said- We have always believed that our relationship has reached such a level of contact and trust, where in principle such a treaty is not required, but it is absolutely possible to imagine it.

Putin's statement adds a new dimension to the rapidly emerging new 'Cold War' scenario. Western countries, particularly the US, have campaigned strongly to limit China's growing strength and economic impact. It has now become a common belief that the US election to be held on November 3 will not affect the situation. There is a general consensus between President Donald Trump and his rival Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden on the question of controlling China. In that case, competition from the US and China is going to continue for a long time. Analysts say Trump is soft on Russia, while there are indications that if Biden wins, he will also take a tough stance on Russia. In that case, proximity and escalation between Russia and China would be a natural occurrence.

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