Disgraceful act of Chinese diplomats in Fiji, fatal attack on Taiwan official

Disgraceful act of Chinese diplomats in Fiji, fatal attack on Taiwan official
The embarrassing incident of Chinese diplomats, who secretly attacked Indian troops in the Galvan Valley, has now arrived in Fiji. Chinese Embassy officials in the Pacific Ocean attacked a Taiwanese official defying all diplomatic regulations in Fiji. The Taiwan official is badly injured in this attack and is hospitalized.

According to a Reuters report, a Taiwanese official was hurt. Following the incident, the conflict between China and Taiwan has reached the Pacific Ocean country of Fiji. Both countries are trying to increase their influence in Fiji. It is being told that the incident of violent attack by Chinese authorities took place at a hotel in Suva on October 8 at the reception of the Taipei Trend Office.

According to the report of the British newspaper Guardian, two officials attached to the Chinese embassy arrived at the hotel without any invitation and started making pictures and videos of the people present there. These people included two ministers of the Fiji government, diplomats from other countries, international NGOs and people from the Chinese community. Angered by the actions of the Chinese authorities, a member of the Taiwan delegation asked him to leave, but the Chinese authorities refused to leave.

There was a fierce fight between the two outside the hotel in which the Taiwan official was seriously injured. He was immediately taken to the hospital. When hotel staff called the police, Chinese officials cited diplomatic exemptions. Later, Chinese embassy officials issued a statement saying that the Taiwan National Day event was illegal.

The Chinese Embassy said that such programs are violations of China's One China policy and are an attempt to make two China or one China one policy internationally. China, which had beaten Taiwanese officials, in turn accused Taiwan of taking provocative action. China also claimed that its officer was injured in the fighting. Fiji police said a case has been registered against the Chinese authorities.

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