Due to a strange hobby, this person made changes in the body more than 516 times

Some people's hobbies are very strange. This strange kind of hobby makes them completely different from ordinary people. Sometimes his works also make world records. In such a situation, that common man also becomes special.

Although these strange things have many times wrong effects on body parts, obsessive people do not care about them. A similar case has come up in which a person made hundreds of changes in his body due to his hobby and became the center of attraction.

Rolf Bucholz, associated with the German telecom company, has a similar passion. He is fond of making changes in his body. So far, he has changed his body more than 516 times, for which his name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. When he was 40, he got his body tattooed and sewed rings for the first time.

Over the past 20 years, he has worn rings by piercing the tongue, eyebrow and nose hundreds of times. He has also put two singas on his forehead. Due to this, his face has changed completely. "My body is not perfect yet," says Rolf. It has only changed from outside. I am what I was before. '

Tattoos are known as art. People make this art in many parts on their body. Colored tattoos are also in trend, along with black and white tattoos. Flowers, leaves or animals, different sizes or role models, people are making different types of tattoos nowadays. Apart from this, people are also getting God's name and their images in the form of tattoos.

Apart from permanent tattoos in the market today, temporary tattoos also exist. People who do not want to get permanent tattoos, they can fulfill their hobbies with the help of temporary tattoos. These temporary tattoos are made on the top layer of the screen. These are called epidermis. Whereas permanent tattoo is formed on the inner second layer of skin called dermis.

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