If Donald Trump promised the American President to the public, China would not survive.

If Donald Trump promised the American President to the public, China would not survive.
Donald Trump relies on the 'China Card' to woo the public in the US presidential election. He has once again clarified that he will take tough measures against China if he becomes president again. Speaking at a media event, Trump said that what China did about the Corona epidemic cannot be tolerated. If I become president again, more stringent steps will be taken.

Donald Trump tried to convince the Americans that the problems he faced due to the Corona epidemic would be accounted for by China. The US president continued, "You are forced to hide your face under the mask today because of China." This is humiliating and we will avenge this humiliation. He will have to bear the brunt of what China has done.

Trump has been attacking China since the beginning over Corona. He called the Corona virus a 'China virus'. They say the virus turned into an epidemic due to China's irresponsible attitude. Trump has also urged the World Health Organization and other international bodies to take stern action against China for the epidemic.

Meanwhile, the US has designated the operations of six Chinese media companies as foreign missions. Which means that all companies must notify the US State Department about their personnel roster, including real estate holdings. In this regard, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that our move is against communist propaganda. He also said that the US is going to start talks with the European Union on the subject of China.

Presidential elections are to be held in the US on November 3. In surveys so far, Trump's rival Joe Biden is expected to win. Donald Trump himself knows somewhere that this time his path will not be easy. That is why we repeatedly raise the issue of China, so that public votes can be won in the name of Corona. Trump wants to prove that China is directly responsible for whatever the US has suffered. While the reality is that he himself underestimates Corona.

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