Now Brazil gave a big shock to China, took this big step

Now Brazil gave a big shock to China, took this big step
The bad days of China continue to harm the whole world in the Corona epidemic. Now Brazil has announced to distance from it. Brazilian President Zaire Bolonsaro has made it clear that he will not buy the Corona vaccine of China's Synovac company. It is worth noting here that the Brazilian health minister claimed a day earlier that the US, Britain and China would join Brazil's vaccination program.

President Bolsonaro answered a question on social media and said that we will not buy the Chinese vaccine. In fact, a supporter urged Bolsonaro not to buy the Corona virus vaccine from China. In response to which the President said that we are not going to buy Chinese vaccine. However, he also said that the issue would be clarified later.

Earlier, on Tuesday, Brazilian Health Minister Duardo Pazuelo said in a meeting that we would buy the Corona virus vaccine for Synovac. Also, vaccines developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University will be purchased. It is known that the Synovac vaccine is already undergoing testing at the São Paulo State Biomedical Research Center Bouton Institute.

Sao Paolo State Governor João Doria said he expected the health regulator's approval by the end of the year to begin vaccination in January. So far, the Chinese vaccine has been shown to be safe in tests conducted on 9,000 volunteers. Significantly, in Brazil, Corona has caused the most devastation after the US. However, President Bolsonro himself is largely responsible for this. He has underestimated Corona since the beginning.

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