Obama attacked Trump, saying- who could not save himself from Corona, how will he save us

Obama attacked Trump, saying- who could not save himself from Corona, how will he save us
The presidential election date in America is slowly approaching. In such a situation, political opponents are making rhetoric to surround each other. Former President and Democratic Party member Barack Obama has strongly attacked current President Donald Trump over the corona virus. Obama said, how can a person who cannot take basic steps to protect himself suddenly save us all.

Speaking from outside Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Obama said, "We've been battling the Corona Virus epidemic for eight months." Transition is on the rise once again in the country. Donald Trump is not going to protect us all of a sudden. It has not even taken basic steps for its safety.

Taking a pinch on US President Trump, former President Obama said, "This is not a reality show, but a reality where people have to live with the consequences of being unable to take their work seriously."
Addressing the public, he said, "You cannot be concerned with the statements of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris." You will come to know that the President will not tweet about any conspiracy, which you will have to think day and night.

The former president said, they (Republicans) call other people cruel and divisive and racist and it breaks the fabric of our society. Also it affects the way our children see things and it also affects the way we get our families.

During the rally, Obama appealed to a large number of voters to reach the election booths, as the next 13 days are going to matter for decades. He said, we cannot tolerate this for the next four more years. You will be left behind so much that you will have to face difficulty in coming forward.

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