Rolling Stone endorses Biden, calling Trump 'clearly unfit to be president'

Rolling Stone endorses Biden, calling Trump 'clearly unfit to be president'
Rolling Stone endorses Biden, calling Trump 'clearly unfit to be president'

Rolling Stone magazine is supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden in a piece on Monday that said the US has lived under "a man clearly unqualified for the presidency" for the past four years.

"Luckily for America," the magazine said on top of its former vice president's support, "Joe Biden is the opposite in almost every category of Donald Trump: Democratic presidential nominees include merit, compassion, tenacity, integrity, and restraint." Huh."

"Perhaps most important at this moment, Biden holds a deep respect for the institutions of American democracy, as well as our government - and our in-depth knowledge of our system of checks and balances - to work with; to lead the nation. Aspires to; as its president, not its dictator, "the magazine continued. "The 2020 election then gives the nation a chance to reboot and rebuild from the ruthless, totalitarian, nothing-known wreck being coined by the 45th President."

"And some Americans are better suited to the challenge than Joe Biden," he said.

The magazine said "it is no exaggeration to say that the US election hangs in the balance in the November election," before President Trump indicated his handling of the coronovirus epidemic, resulting in the U.S. There were more than 219,000 deaths.

Elections in November Biden, the magazine said, set the country on track to "step back from our move" based on a shared idea of ​​American progress and to "move away from politics of resentment to rebuild our country." The first step will be. " "

The magazine said the former vice-president "has a progressive solution to every major problem facing the country" - stating that it paves the way for racial justice, protecting LGBTQ rights, "more immigration policy," "epidemics" Navigating to "and restore. "National Character of the Country."

"And the former vice president has experience putting that platform into practice," the magazine said.

"America does not need a saint in the Oval Office. But the country is reunited with a broken man at the resolution desk. Trump is an intoxicant and an arrogant, a shameless liar and an open man, who only understands. Could not. Rolling Stone said that the notion of sacrifice for the greater good, even as he sought unfettered fines from those in his service.

"Every election presents a clear choice. The contrast between the 2020 candidates - and the coalitions behind them - could not be clearer. This is a battle between light and dark. Rolling Stone is proud to stand in the light and the President For the post that supports Biden., Vote like your country - and maybe your life too - depends on it.

Four years ago, the editorial director of Wenner Media, Jenning Wenner and the founder of Rolling Stone, published a piece on the site supporting former then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton when he was running against Trump.

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