Senator Pat Tommy retires from politics in a blow to the Republican Party

Senator Pat Tommy retires from politics in a blow to the Republican Party
Republican Senator Pat Tommy officially announced on Monday that he will neither run for re-election nor run for governor in 2022, a major blow to Republicans' long-term plans to compete statewide in Pennsylvania.

Tommy explained the strange timing of his announcement as a response to all the inquiries he had received about running for or re-election to governor. The fiscal governor has said for two terms that he has decided over the past few days to abandon politics and go to the private sector and decided to unveil his plans in the middle of the 2020 presidential campaign because he wants to be transparent.

I've made a decision, it's not going to change, and I want everyone to know, "said Tommy. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) had informed him before his announcement, according to a source familiar with the conversation. The news leaked on Sunday, and was first reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer and confirmed by Politico.

Tommy said he supports President Donald Trump's re-election campaign and will be open to acting as an alternative and campaigning for a president he did not support until Election Day in 2016: “I hope to be in his service for the past two years as President Donald Trump is re-elected. I support his campaign, and I am I support his re-election. "

He also said he was "cautiously optimistic" that his party would retain a majority in the ballot box this fall amid a fierce battle over the Senate, making him chair of the Senate Banking Committee for the past two years.

Tommy is the only statewide Republican politician elected in Keystone, although it remains a presidential battlefield and a major bipartisan target. Nevertheless, Trump lags behind in the state by large margins, and Senator Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) was easily reelected in 2018, indicating a tough road ahead for a statewide Republican victory.

The senator, who held two terms and a former member of the House of Representatives, affirmed that "if I decided to run, I would win again." Tommy defeated Democrat Katie McGinty in 2016 by 1.5 percentage points, a victory that helped give McConnell the six-year majority he now faces at risk of losing. He said it was his realization that he would have spent 18 of the 24 years as a politician that drove his decision to return to the private sector.

Tommy's move also puts Republicans at a direct disadvantage as they scan the Senate scene for 2022.

The selection chances for the Republican Party may be limited to Democratic-leaning states such as New Hampshire, Colorado and Nevada as well as whoever wins the Arizona Senate election this year. By contrast, Republicans would have to defend the Tommy seat as well as those held by Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), Richard Burr (Republican Republican), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Chuck Grassley. (Iowa Republican) and Roy Plant (Republic-Mo). Bohr has already announced that he will retire.

And while Tommy's retirement represents a loss for the Republican Party, it will also leave a void in the Senate, with Tommy staying away. Despite being a hawkish fiscal conservative, Tommy broke with his party occasionally. He is one of two Republican senators still in action who support expanded background checks on arms sales and he is the only member of his convention that has opposed Trump's new trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

His responses to reporters in the corridors of the Senate are often succinct as he moves from his office to the Senate floor, but he has also been among the Republicans most willing to criticize Trump, sometimes mildly and other times with enthusiasm. Tommy hates a lot of tariffs and trade policies, votes to block Trump's national emergency declaration at the border, and said that "easing Roger Stone's sentence is a mistake."

Tommy also described Trump's actions during his trial as "inappropriate," even though he voted to acquit the president. But although he's clearly not completely comfortable with the president's reckless style, Tommy said Trump's behavior has no bearing on his decision-making process.

“I decided early on that I am not responsible for the president’s Twitter feed, and am not responsible for modifying his comments in any particular medium.” Tommy told reporters, “I work with this president on a regular basis, it is a very constructive relationship.” With him, I wasn't shy to say that. But this has nothing to do with this decision. "

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