South China Sea: Taiwan army preparing for war with China

South China Sea: Taiwan army preparing for war with China
The Taiwan Air Force has intensified war preparations to thwart Chinese dragon's nefarious designs in the South China Sea. Taiwan's Airforce began its annual aerial maneuvers on Monday. During this time Taiwan's air defense system was tested to counter any attack. The Taiwan Air Force said 35mm cannons fired fiercely to destroy 'enemy' fighters in the sky. Amid frequent air encroachments from China, the Taiwan Air Force said it is ready to defend its airspace.

The Taiwan Air Force reported that a shooting competition was held during an aerial exercise. The artillery unit also fired the ball vigorously at night and made the world aware of its potential. Meanwhile, Taiwan's radar systems kept a close watch on the entire sky. The Air Force said that during this time, the soldiers displayed their strength vigorously. Meanwhile, Taiwan Air Force fighter jets drilled at the Chia Shan airbase in Hualien. Taiwan's Airforce reported that the F-16, indigenous defense aircraft, Mirage-2000 and P-3C aircraft are participating in the exercise.

On the other hand, the Chinese military is once again preparing for a major attack on Taiwan in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, China has deployed a DF-17 hypersonic missile along the border with Taiwan. China has also greatly increased the strength of its troops in the region. China has also deployed S-400 air defense systems purchased from Russia along the border with Taiwan. Its powerful radar can detect missiles, drones and fighter jets of the Taiwan Army from 600 kilometers away. The S-400's radar system is very sophisticated and is capable of covering the whole of Taiwan. The missiles are capable of shooting down any Taiwanese fighter aircraft.

This hypersonic missile specializes in long range precision targeting. In such a situation, if China attacks, then Taiwan will have to make strict arrangements for its security. China's DF-17 missile can hit its targets at a hypersonic speed of up to 2500 km. The missile was demonstrated for the first time on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. The missile weighs 15000 kg and is 11 meters long which can carry nuclear warheads in addition to conventional explosives. In simple terms, this missile is also capable of nuclear attack.

According to Kanai Defense Review editor-in-chief Andrei Chang, the satellite's image showed that China has built several new Marine Corps and Rocket Force bases in Fujian and Guangdong provinces in recent years. Both these states are located close to Taiwan. The size of some missile bases in the Eastern and Southern Theater Command has also doubled in recent years. There is a possibility that China may attack Taiwan at any time. Many military observers have expressed concern that China is directly threatening Taiwan by deploying its powerful weapons in the region. China has already deployed DF-11 and DF-15 missiles in the region. It is believed that he will now deploy his hypersonic missile DF-17 in place of these old missiles.

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