The crowd 'shut him down' at the rally, as Trump called the Biden family a 'criminal enterprise'

The crowd 'shut him down' at the rally, as Trump called the Biden family a 'criminal enterprise'
At a campaign rally for President Trump on Sunday, supporters chanted "lockups" as Trump attacked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

The uproar comes after Trump accused a former Ukrainian vice-president of using millions of dollars to help his son escape trouble in Ukraine by ejecting a top Ukrainian prosecutor - one for Trump on the campaign trail The familiar refrain and one that was repeatedly debated.

"They are corrupt people. But Joe Biden is from an unsuccessful and corrupt political class," Trump continued before repeating the allegations against Biddens, featured in the controversial story by the New York Post.

The New York Post published several stories about emails allegedly discovered on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop, which discuss the activities of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in Ukraine. Social media platforms have blocked the spread of the story, and other media outlets have published concerns that the sourcing in the report is questionable.

Federal officials are investigating whether the emails were linked to a foreign intelligence operation attempting to block the election.

Alleged emails include one indicated in a meeting between Joe Biden and Vadim Pozharsky, an adviser at the Ukrainian gas company Barism, where Hunter Biden served on the board. The Biden campaign has said that the meeting did not take place.

Trump repeated claims he made in a post story at his rally Sunday as he attacked the Biden family.

Trump later said, "Which he is corrupt. And you know what they knew, they got a laptop. They call it a laptop from hell." "Let's see what happens with this."

The "lock up up" mantra comes after the Michigan government. The subject of a similar mantra on Saturday was Gretchen Whitmer (D). The chant began in 2016 about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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