The England woman claims to have a love affair with the ghost, but now wants to breakup

The England woman claims to have a love affair with the ghost, but now wants to breakup
There has always been controversy as to whether there are ghosts or not. Science says that there is no such thing as ghosts and spirits. While there are many people in the world who believe in these things, but have you ever heard of a person who has fallen in love with a ghost, you might find it a bit strange to hear this but a similar thing has come to light in England. .

A woman from England not only began an affair with a ghost. Rather, she went on holiday with him abroad. But the woman wants to break up this long-running relationship. The woman has claimed that she is in an independent relationship with the ghost. And some time ago she also said that she wants to be the mother of a ghostly child. But now she wants to end this relationship completely.

For information, let us tell you that in an interview given to the TV channel in the year 2018, the woman said that she has been in contact with a ghost for the past several years. But now this woman has revealed that she and Bhoot will not get married. Because now the relationship between these two is over. Let me tell you that this lady has said that we both went to Thailand for holiday but when we came on vacation, the behavior of the ghost had completely changed. Not only this, he also told that the ghost must have fallen in love with someone else.

This woman, who claims to be in love with the ghost, has told that the ghost she loves has brought many souls to her home as well. Not only that those who were with them for many days, they were also taking juice and they were also partying.

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