Thousands took to the streets in France to protest against the condemnation of a teacher

Thousands took to the streets in France to protest against the condemnation of a teacher
In many cities in France, thousands of people took placards in their hands and demonstrated on the street. These included most teachers. A few days ago this teacher was murdered in protest against showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed to his class children. The teacher's name was Samuel Patty. Teachers involved in the demonstration carried placards in their hands, writing, "I am a teacher" and "No two authoritarianism ideas (not the idea of ​​totalitarianism)".

Samuel Patty died Friday afternoon while returning home from school. Abdullakh Anjorov, an 18-year-old Chechen native who killed him, died in police action. Abdullakh's phone contained a picture of the teacher as well as a message saying that Samuel was killed.

Witnesses say Abdullakh showed up near the school on Friday and asked students where the strip would be found. The accused who murdered the teacher were born in Russia and lived in the northwest of Paris. Earlier, the intelligence department had no information about him. On Saturday, Anti Terror Prosecutor Records said the teacher was receiving threats online. He had shown cartoons of Prophet Mohammed to the students in Civic's class.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex also participated in these demonstrations. He tweeted that you cannot scare us, we are not afraid, you cannot divide us, we are France. Along with the Prime Minister, the Education Minister and the Minister of State for Home in Paris also participated in the demonstrations. French President Emmanuelle Marques has promised immediate action against online extremism.

Some of the protesters also chanted "I am Samuel". In 2015, the slogan "I am Charley" was raised when Islamic gunmen attacked the office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people. The attack in 2015 intensified Islamic violence and then began a debate in France over what Islam should be like in a secular society. After the attack on the magazine, more than 1.5 million people had gathered at the Plas de la Republique in Paris. This time in Paris too, the main place of performance is the same.

Meanwhile, French police have raided the bases of dozens of Islamic "terrorists". The French Interior Minister has said that there are 80 investigations against online hate in France. Authorities are investigating whether a French Muslim organization can be convicted for these charges. These organizations can be dissolved if found guilty. According to information received from police sources, France was preparing to take out 231 people from the government watch list. These people are on the government's watch list because of their extremist religious belief.

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