Trump at Michigan rally. Trump attacked with 'lock up' chants

Trump at Michigan rally. Trump attacked with 'lock up' chants
The tussle between President Trump and the Michigan government. Gretchen Whitmer warmed up again Saturday night after attendees at a Trump rally in her home state called "Lock Up!" And the president told the crowd, "Turn them all off"

"It needs to be stopped," the governor said - who was the target of a kidnapping conspiracy abducted by the FBI last week - wrote on Twitter.

"It is absolutely rhetoric that has endangered the lives of me, my family, and other government officials while we try to save the lives of our fellow Americans," he wrote.

Whitmer's tweet linked to a clip of the president in which thousands of fans on Saturday said they "need to get your governor to open your state."

"And open your schools. Keep your schools open. Schools must be open, right? "Trump said, as some in the crowd chanted" Stop him! "

Lock everyone, ”the president replied as the chants continued.

Whitmer's remarks echoed those he made about the president last Thursday, when officials announced the arrest of 13 militia members who allegedly abducted him as part of a plan. Plans to include the state capitol and the Second American Civil War broke out.

The governor gave the slogan what he said was white supremacism by Trump and the U.S. I refused to condemn extremism.

After news of the kidnapping plot broke, Trump likened Whitmer to "a dictator", telling Fox Business News that "people can't afford him" because of his tough coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

"Our head of state has spent the past seven months denying science, ignoring his own health experts, inciting mistrust, inciting anger and comforting those who fear and hate," he said.

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