Turkish President threatens US on S-400 test

Turkish President threatens US on S-400 test
Russia's S-400 missile defense system has triggered a fierce verbal war between the two NATO member states, the US and Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has openly threatened Superpower America. Erdogan said that the US does not know who he is facing. We are not a weak nation but Turkey. He once again clarified that Turkey will not stop testing the S-400 missile defense system purchased from Russia.

Erdogan said in the city of Malaiya on Sunday, 'America does not know who it is facing. You asked us to return the S-400 missile defense system to Russia but we are not a weak nation. We are turkey The President of Turkey said, 'Whatever sanctions you (America) want to impose against us, impose. Do not be late. He said that we have given money to America for F-35 fighter jets but we have not yet received fighter jets.

Earlier on Saturday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulsi Akar said that the country's army is testing the S-400 air defense system and preparing for its deployment. He said that the purchase and investigation of the S-400 does not mean that we are separating ourselves from NATO. Explain that the dispute between the US and Turkey about Russia's S-400 missile defense system is taking serious form.

The US has become severely infected after the use of the S-400 system by Turkey. The US Defense Ministry has warned Turkey that it may face serious consequences in relations with Washington. The US strongly condemned Turkey's trial. "The US Ministry of Defense strongly condemns Turkey's October 16 trial of the S-400 system," US Defense Ministry spokesman Jonathan Rath Hoffman said in a statement. This test has been accepted by the President of Turkey himself. He said that we object to the testing of Turkey's S-400 system, which poses a great threat to our security relationship. '

The US State Department also issued a statement strongly criticizing Turkey's decision. "The activation of the S-400 air defense system does not match Turkey's commitment to being a US ally and NATO member," Hoffmann said. Let me tell you that Turkey has finally openly admitted that it has tested Russia's S-400 defense system against American F-16 fighter jets. Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan confirmed the test on Friday. He said that his country has tested the Russian-made S-400 missile defense system despite the objections of the US.

Erdogan expressed anger at the US, saying Turkey had the right to test its equipment. America's attitude is not binding on us in any way. We do not need to ask America. Erdogan accused the US of adopting double standards regarding sanctions. He said that NATO member Greece is also using the S-300 missile defense system. He asked, "Did America tell them anything?"

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