Uproar due to naked searches of women on 10 flights of Qatar Airways

Uproar due to naked searches of women on 10 flights of Qatar Airways
On October 2, 10 passengers of Qatar Airways arriving in Doha were discovered naked. 13 of these women were from Australia. Australian PM Scott Morrison described it as "frightening and unbearable". At the same time, Qatar has apologized for the incident.

According to reports, the newborn was found in a dustbin at Doha Airport on 2 October. Security officials suspected that a passenger threw the girl here after giving birth. Subsequently, every woman arriving at the airport was snatched and searched. The objective was to find out which passenger gave birth to the baby girl. In this case the picture is still not completely clear. For example, it is not known from which countries except Australia that female travelers were discovered in this way. Or whether the woman who gave birth to the child was thrown into the trash.

The event is dated 2 October. But, its information came out on Monday. It was then revealed that this embarrassing incident happened to women from the same flight from Doha to Sydney. It is now being told that women going for a total of 10 flights had to go through this terrible phase. Australian PM Scott Morrison said - it's unimaginable, horrifying and out of tolerance. I am also the father of a daughter. Australian or anyone else, I know what they would have done. Australian Foreign Minister Marisey Penn said - It happened for women, not 10 flights. A total of 18 women were searched. There were 13 Australians among them.

Penn did not reveal much about this. It was not told at which airport the search took place. According to the news agency AFP, one of the victims was also from France. Qatar is an Islamic country. The laws related to childbirth and similar matters are very strict here. Qatar is to have the Football World Cup in 2022. But, this incident has put this country in the dock with the safety and honor of women here.

The Qatar government is in trouble after this incident came to light. He is facing opposition from all sides. In a statement, he said - We are cautious about the safety of passengers. We were just trying to find out which woman gave birth to a child and why she was dumped? We wanted to stop the accused from escaping. If anyone feels hurt by this step, we apologize. It was not our aim to snatch someone's freedom. The government has also ordered an inquiry. The condition of the baby is now better.

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