US to give 400 Harpoon Block-2 missile to Taiwan to hit China

US to give 400 Harpoon Block-2 missile to Taiwan to hit China
Amid constant threats from China, the US Trump administration has approved a $ 2.37 billion deal for deadly harpoon missiles to Taiwan. The Trump administration made this decision shortly after announcing China's sanctions against US arms manufacturers. Among the American companies that China has banned, Boeing is the one that manufactures the missile.

The US State Department issued a statement saying that the United States is committed to maintaining peace and stability in Taiwan and believes that Taiwan's security is paramount in the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific region.

The US State Department said the sale would not deteriorate the military balance in the region. US harpoon missiles are considered extremely deadly and are capable of destroying ground targets and warships.

The US will provide 100 systems of harpoon to Taiwan. The deal includes 400 Harpoon Block-2 missiles. The range of this missile is about 125 km. This missile is equipped with GPS so that it makes precise attacks and rains 500 pounds of bombs.

With this, coastal defense targets, surface-to-air missile targets, port ships, and industrial targets can be destroyed in one stroke.

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