Donald Trump did not give up again

Donald Trump did not give up again
Donald Trump is not willing to give up in the US presidential election and has claimed victory once again in the November 3 election. Trump has also reiterated allegations of rigging in elections across America.

Let me tell you that Donald Trump is constantly accusing him of rigging the election, although he has not provided any evidence yet. Trump has also previously said that Biden won because the election was rigged. Along with this, he also accused the media of being fake.

Now Donald Trump has accused the country of fraud. He tweeted in big letters, 'I won the election. Electoral fraud was committed across the country. Simultaneously, he tagged a tweet from the New York Times with a map of the US, saying he received 1.01 million more votes than the previous election, including the Hispanic majority area.

Twitter once again challenged the validity of Donald Trump's tweet and put a notice below the tweet. Twitter said in its statement, "Many sources have called this election different." In the past, Twitter has noticed many of Trump's tweets and has hidden many tweets.

Let us know that last week, the mainstream media declared Joe Biden the winner of the election. A 538-member electoral college requires 270 electoral votes to be elected president of the US. Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has garnered more than 270 electoral votes. However, the formal results of the US presidential election have not yet been announced.

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