Donald Trump got support of this country on allegations of fraud in presidential election

Donald Trump got support of this country on allegations of fraud in presidential election
Brazil's president, Jair Bolonsaro, has added the voice of Donald Trump to the US presidential election. Bolsonaro says the election has been rigged extensively, so they cannot recognize Joe Biden's victory.

Following this statement by Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil became the first country to have been accused of rigging the US presidential election. Bolsonaro said on Sunday, "I have sources of information that there is actually a lot of rigging in America." Let us know that Bolsonaro, known for his controversial statements, is considered close to Donald Trump.

Not only this, Bolsonaro also questioned Brazil's current electronic voting system. He said that there is a possibility of fraud in the election. He insisted on the election through electronic ballot rather than the traditional way of voting in the presidential election in 2022. Bolsonaro has yet to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory in the election.

Asked about Joe Biden's victory, he said, "I'll wait a little bit before recognizing Joe Biden's victory in the US election." I have my own sources, which suggest that the US election has been rigged. 'It is known that Donald Trump has been accusing him of cheating since the election results were out. He has also approached the court on this issue, but there is no relief from anywhere.

A few days ago Bolsonaro made a strange statement about the Corona vaccine. He said that Brazil does not need a vaccine. "I'm telling you, I'm not going to take it," the Brazilian president said in a statement. it is my right. In addition, he also highlighted the usefulness of the mask in the dock. He said that there is little evidence that the mask is effective in preventing infection with the corona virus. However, it is different that all health agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), are calling for Nax as an effective weapon in the Corona War.

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