How many games did Robocalls play this time in the US election?

How many games did Robocalls play this time in the US election?
The US Intelligence Agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has started investigating complaints of deliberately robbing voters from unknown sources just days before the election. In these, voters were told that to stay safe on the day of polling it is necessary that they stay at their home.

Political experts have feared that this could be done in a planned manner to prevent voters with a particular tendency to vote in this tight election. The FBI took over the investigation Tuesday night, confirming the US Homeland Security Ministry.

Robocalls are called phone calls from a computer through which pre-recorded messages are communicated to the public. Such calls are used to convey political and business messages or to make people aware in an emergency.

According to US government officials, they have received complaints about automated calls from two sources. He used such a voice, as is usually the case with messages from municipal bodies in the US, to inform or warn people.

According to U-Mail, 90 percent of area codes in the US were obtained from Robock, the maker of anti-robocall software. U-Mail's findings appeared in the Washington Post newspaper on Tuesday. According to him, although people had been receiving such calls for several weeks, their numbers have increased in recent times. One crore such calls were made in October. There are reports of such calls coming from a large number of voters from many states just before the start of voting. It said that it is time you should stay at home to be safe.

According to the U-mail, the robocall is excellent. They are done in such a way that the identity of the speaker and the place where he has hidden the call. Officials with the Department of Homeland Security told the Al Jazeera news channel that such calls come during every election, but according to Khoy experts, this time it seems more planned.

Michigan's US Attorney General Dana Nessel said in her tweet that these false calls were clearly an attempt to prevent voters from voting. The tendency to prevent or discourage voters from voting in America is a well-known problem. This is called voter suppression. A variety of barriers are put in place to curb black voters, especially those from weaker sections.

These include making mandatory ID cards difficult, keeping booths out of the population, imposing certain penalties and preventing them from casting their votes. This time the question of whether the robberies were used for this purpose in the election amid the Corona epidemic is under discussion here. The truth about this will be known from the FBI's investigative report.

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