More than 20 Indians in Joe Biden's new team know what his job is

More than 20 Indians in Joe Biden's new team know what his job is
Elected President Joe Biden has added more than 20 Indians to his agency review team (art). Three of these people will lead the team. This team will review the functioning of major federal agencies in the current administration to ensure smooth transfer of power. Biden's transfer team said that this team has by far the most diversity in the history of the president's transfer team. The art team created for the transfer of power in the US consists of hundreds of members, more than half of whom are women.

40 percent of the members are from communities that have historically represented the federal government. These include non-white, LGBT and disabled. According to the team, Arun Mazumdar of Stanford University will lead the art designed to transfer power to the Department of Energy. At the same time, Rahul Gupta will lead the National Drug Control Policy. Kiran Ahuja has been given the command of the team for personnel management. Puneet Talwar has been included in the team attached to the State Department. Pawan Singh has been nominated to the National Security Council and the Science and Technology Team. Similarly, Arun Venkataraman is included in the two teams of Commerce and USTR Affairs.

Other prominent Indian expatriates who have been drawn into Biden's art are Praveen Raghavan and Atman Trivedi in the Commerce Department's case team, Sheetal Shah in the Education Department, R Ramesh in the Department of Energy and Ram Zakir, Shubhashree Ramanathan on the Interior. Department of Security, Raj Dey for Justice Department, Seema Nanda and Rajnayak for Labor Department, Reena Aggarwal and Satyam Khanna for Federal Reserve and Banking and Securities Regulatory Affairs, Bhavya Lal for NASA, Dilpreet Sidhu for National Security Council, Management And Budget for Divya Kumaraiya Office, Kumar Chandran for Agriculture Department and Aneesh Chopra for Postal Service. All members are willingly involved in the arts.

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