Putin will have no case for life in the Russian Parliament

Putin will have no case for life in the Russian Parliament
The Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, has supported a bill, according to which Russian President Vladimir Putin and his family would not be able to face any kind of criminal prosecution even if they were not president.

The bill is part of constitutional amendments, which were agreed to in a referendum in July.

Putin's supporters hold a majority in both houses of Russia.

Putin's term as president will be completed in the year 2024, but according to the amendments made, he will continue in his post as president for two years i.e. 12 years after 2024.

With the introduction of this rescue bill, discussion has started again about Putin's political future. Putin has been at the helm of Russian power since 2000 and has exercised a lot of power during this period.

After Bill's arrival, Putin's critic Alexi Navellini tweeted, "What Putin does need a rescue bill right now." ''

Navlani then tweeted a question and asked, "Can dictators leave positions whenever they want?"

This bill is to be brought to the Duma three times. It was passed for the first time on Tuesday.

United Russia's party has a majority in Putin's ally. However, 37 votes of the left MPs are against this bill.

In addition, this bill will be read twice in the Duma, after which the bill will go to the Federation Council. President Putin will put the final seal on this bill.

Under this new rescue bill, the former president and his family would be outside the purview of any police investigation or inquiry. Also, their properties will not be confiscated.

The ex-president and his family cannot be prosecuted for any crime during his lifetime, except in cases of 'major crimes or alleged treason committed under extraordinary circumstances'.

Only one former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, is still alive and is an ally of Vladimir Putin.

Pavel Krishnikov, a writer and Russian MP for the bill, said "the purpose of this bill is to guarantee a president who is important for the stability of the state and society".

According to the referendum for constitutional changes in July this year, Putin will continue to hold his post for two terms of 6–6 years after 2024. Putin will be the President of Russia by 2036.

The opposition is against the results of this referendum, stating that Putin "wants to remain a lifelong president". ''

However, Putin has dismissed the allegation.

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