Team Obama started preparing to form Biden government

Team Obama started preparing to form Biden government
Four days after the counting of votes, on Saturday, the president's picture in the world's oldest democracy, America, was finally cleared. Democrat candidate Joe Biden won the presidential election, leading from the beginning in the counting of votes. The Biden team has started the transfer of power and the formation of a new government even before the victory. His colleague Ted Kaufman is doing this.

Kaufman also worked for Barack Obama in 2008. He should announce the Chief of Staff of the White House and appoint four thousand staff. For this 1,200 employees have to take permission from the Senate. The capture of Republicans in the Senate will be a major challenge.

"The public has voted to protect them from the Kovid-19 epidemic and to work on the economy," Biden said. He will start work on his plan from day one after reaching the presidential office.

He claimed that he would control the virus killing 2.36 lakh people in the country. According to American media institutions, Biden received 273 electoral college votes in the countings, while Trump received just 214 electoral college votes. However, Biden's vote also includes 11 votes from Arizona. To become president, it is necessary to get 270 votes out of 538 electoral college votes.

Even before these results came, Biden appealed to his supporters to be patient. At the same time, despite falling behind in the presidential battle, President and Republican candidate Donald Trump is not ready to give up.

He claimed that if valid votes were counted, he would have easily won the presidential election. At the same time, when Biden realized that he was winning, he said that at his election headquarters in Wilmington, the victory had not been announced yet, but the statistics say that we are winning. Be patient until the final votes are counted.

During this time, Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris was also on the stage. He claimed that he was the first Democrat to win in Arizona in 24 years and in Georgia in 28 years.

Before the final results of the election, Trump had tweeted and warned Biden not to falsely declare victory. He can also make such a claim, but legal proceedings have just begun.

"We got big gains in many states, but miracles happened and started to move forward," he said. It is likely that the lead will now return from legal proceedings. Matt Morgan said the election was not over, with Georgia again heading toward the count, which we trust, while President Trump will lead.

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