US Election 2020: Know what the exit poll of US President Election says

US Election 2020: Know what the exit poll of US President Election says
Economic problems and racial disputes are the most important issues for voters in the United States, while only a third of voters consider Kovid-19 an important issue. In a poll conducted by CNN News Channel, 34 percent of voters considered the economy a major issue. At the same time, 21 percent cited racial discrimination as the main issue, while only 18 percent cited the corona virus epidemic as the major issue.

It is noteworthy that the US is badly affected by Kovid-19 and is number one worldwide in cases of infection and deaths. At the same time, 11 percent of voters said crime, security and health care policy were the main issues. These data have been prepared with a survey of 4,919 voters by phone, as well as a survey of 7,774 voters at 115 places.

Opponents of Mr. Donald Trump have begun to rally in the White House amid the ongoing presidential election in the United States. Protesters are holding posts and shouting slogans against Trump. The protesters also blocked the road for some time. Police are appealing for the protesters to end the protest, but the protesters are still firm.

Police had earlier speculated on these protesters, so on October 29, they issued a traffic alert stating that there would be a parking ban on the roads from Tuesday night 12 am to Wednesday 11.59 pm. Police has banned rallies.

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