US Election Live: Biden claimed victory, said- We can be opponents rather than enemies

US Election Live: Biden claimed victory, said- We can be opponents rather than enemies
Counting of votes for the US presidential election continues. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has come very close to victory and has expressed his apprehension of violence after the results. After this, Secret Service, the security guarding agency of the US President, has increased the security of Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, on the election, Joe Biden said, "There has been a record turnout for change and we are going to win it." We are moving forward in Nevada and we are slightly behind in Pennsylvania. We have received the highest number of votes so far. I am the first Democratic to win in Arizona in the last 24 years. He said, 'People have voted for climate change. We are waiting for the final results.

Joe Biden said, 'We've already started work. We have a meeting with public health officials. Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country and we will start implementing Corona plans from day one. We will save the lives of all possible people. With this, he said, 'We are planning for the recovery of the economy.'

With this, Joe Biden stated in his address that we can be adversaries, but not enemies. It has to be remembered that the aim of our politics is not ruthless war. Although he did not name anyone in his address, he is said to have given this message to Donald Trump.

According to reports, there have been fears of violence between the presidential elections in the US and Joe Biden has also said that there may be violence after the results. In view of this, the level of security of the future president has been increased. It is being told that Joe Biden may also announce victory from his election office today. In such a situation, stringent security arrangements have been made to deal with any violence.

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden has so far garnered 263 electoral votes and is just 7 votes away from the majority, while US President Donald Trump has 214 electoral votes. According to estimates by some US media institutions, Biden received 264 and Trump received 214 votes. To reach the White House, 270 out of 538 'electoral college votes' have to be obtained.

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