US election results 2020: Donald Trump goes to court after Joe Biden's victory in major states

US election results 2020: Donald Trump goes to court after Joe Biden's victory in major states
Counting continues in the United States until Thursday morning amid elections held on Tuesday. Among the trends, Democrat Joe Biden looks ahead of Republican President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Biden won in Michigan and Wisconsin, after which he became close to the White House. However, Trump's publicity team filed cases in three states to stop the count. Trump's team has announced the filing of lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, while seeking to recalculate votes in Wisconsin.

After winning in both major states, Biden appeared on National TV alongside his vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Here he said that he is not yet announcing his victory but 'when the counting of votes is over, we will be the winner'.

After winning in the northern states of Michigan and Wisconsin, Biden won 264 electoral votes. At the same time, Trump has 214 electoral votes. Nevada has six electoral votes, with Biden running slightly ahead of Trump. At the same time, the results of Georgia and Pennsylvania have also not been revealed yet. If Biden goes for the electoral votes of six or other states of Nevada alone, he will reach a majority figure of 270 and become the next president of the United States.

Trump on Wednesday night announced his victories in the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Georgia. Battlegrounds are said to be states where the trend is not clear. "We have claimed in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina where the edge was found," Trump had tweeted. Apart from these, we are also claiming Michigan, where a large number of secret ballot papers were found. He said in another tweet that the integrity of the election system and the presidential election had suffered. It should be discussed.

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