US election results 2020: Donald Trump will be removed from the US presidency and must accept these rules

US election results 2020: Donald Trump will be removed from the US presidency and must accept these rules
Some US rules will apply to Donald Trump as soon as he departs from the presidency. Under these rules, where there will be some restrictions in Trump's remaining life, certain conditions will also apply, which will prevent him from doing anything called privacy in his life. Some rules that apply to former US presidents are so boring that many former presidents, including Barack Obama, got angry on some occasions. Let's know what rules will apply to Trump as soon as he is out of office.

The lives of all the former presidents of America are always in danger. So they get complete security and Secret Service agents are always with them. Any former US president can drive on deserted roads, but cannot drive in public. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, Lyndon B., president of the United States from 1963 to 1969, was the last president to drive in the open even after Johnson's retirement.

While holding the post of President of the US, fresh information is being received on issues related to national security, a trend that continues even after retirement. The former president is consulted for life on national security. Remember that in 2018, there were reports that President Donald Trump threatened to deny former President Barack Obama information related to national security. However, the news was later denied by Trump.

Under the Presidential Library Act of 1955, every former president would have a library in his name. This library contains information about the decisions taken by the person concerned and the major events of his tenure as President. The decision came as President Richard Nixon tried to hide information related to the world famous Watergate scandal during his tenure.

Packages, letters or other items that come in the name of former presidents are examined by the Secret Service Agent. The US Postal Service also examines packages in the names of former presidents. Their phone, chat, messages are also monitored by security agencies. Not only this, the former President can never be alone. Members of the Secret Service always accompany them as shadows.

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