US election results 2020: Trump gets angry at his legal team

US election results 2020: Trump gets angry at his legal team
Donald Trump has been given a major blow by the courts of two states over the counting of presidential elections in the US. Trump appealed to the courts in Michigan and Georgia to stop counting votes, alleging rigging. But the court dismissed his appeal as baseless. Trump has since raged on his legal team.

According to a report, President Trump can give legal tactics to his propaganda campaign's legal team and any veteran. Recently, Trump had expressed his anger at his legal team and asked why they did not appear united. He told his election team to look for a veteran who could strictly place his side in the court.

Trump's legal team is currently led by Rudy Giuliani and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bodies. Both of these are counted among Trump's loyal lawyers. However, his credibility has been eroded after appeals from courts in two states were dismissed. In such a situation, Trump now wants to bet on the knowledge of other laws.

Trump wants states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan to interfere with the court count. Trump won these states in the last election. But, this time, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading from here. For this reason, Trump has repeatedly been saying corruption while counting election results.

The counting of presidential elections in the US is not yet complete. There are at least four states where the fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden continues. Meanwhile, the US state of Georgia has announced a second count of votes. In such a situation, suspense has increased regarding the new President of America.

Georgia is considered a stronghold of the Republican Party. Even in the last election, only Donald Trump won from this state. However, this time the vote appeared to break perception and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden was leading by 1579 votes. Meanwhile, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Ruffenspar has announced that he is going to count the ballot again.

Brad Raffenspar said the contest between the two candidates in Georgia continues. Nearly 50 lakh people have voted here, but we have only a few thousand mergers. Therefore, it has been decided to conduct the counting of votes in the state again. Counting again will take time. In such a situation, the US election result is expected to take longer.

If Biden wins the election from Georgia, it would be considered his biggest win in the entire country. Because, this state has been the stronghold of the Republican Party from the beginning. The people of this state have been winning Republican candidates for the last several elections. This time, this perception seems to be breaking. For the Republican Party, this will be nothing short of a major crisis.

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