US Election Results: Donald Trump Won in Alaska

US Election Results: Donald Trump Won in Alaska
The current US President Donald Trump has won in Alaska. With this the figure of his electoral votes has increased to 217. The Republican Party has also been successful in saving the Senate seat here. It has 50 seats in the 100-member United States Senate here. Trump received 56.9 percent and the Democratic Party candidate 39.1 percent of the vote and elected President Joe Biden.

Biden has already been declared the winner of the November 3 presidential election with 279 votes out of 538 voters. However, Trump has refused to give up. Several states have filed suit to challenge the election results.

The election results in Alaska have given the Republican Party an edge over the Democrat Party in the Senate. Republican Senator Dan Sullivan won his Senate election. With this, the Senate Republican Party has 50 seats, while the Democrats have 48 seats. Two seats of the Senate are going to be elected on 5 January. Trump's daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump said in a tweet that President Trump and the Republican Senate won a resounding victory.

Trump is adamant on his stand. On Tuesday, he said that once the final votes were counted and certified, they would win. Certified election results are declared weeks after the US is declared victorious in the media. Electoral college votes are still counting. Trump has also said that the mainstream media's attitude to the election has been very poor. This is a more serious issue than economic inducement and election campaigning among voters. He also said that the media should be kept away from interfering in elections.

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